Steamed egg tofu with mushroom and minced pork by Rontree Chan

~ 3-4 tubes of round egg tofu.
~ abt 150g of minced pork.
~ 5-6 Dried Chinese mushroom. ( soften and cut in mini dice size)
~ 1 TBsp fried shallots.
My agaration Sauce ~ 1/2 tsp five spices powder + 1 Tbsp of light soya sauce + 1 Tbsp of Dark soya sauce + 1-2 Tbsp of Kinlan soy sauce ( or can use oyster sauce) + some sugar( or rock sugar) and pepper to taste, + half bowl water, a little corn starch water for thickening.

1) Prepare a quite flat serving plate (steam-able type)
2) Place a 3" cookie cutter ring in the centre.
3) Slice the round tofu to aroud 5-6mm thick and lay around the ring, overlapping one another. Try to get a offset spatula to assist in laying the tofu.
4) cover up with cling film wrap and steam for 8 mins. (cling film is to minimise too much water settle in the plate, but can also do without wrapping.)
5) While steaming in process, pan fried the minced pork with a little oil till fragrant. add in mushroom and fried shallot and stirfry for 2-3 mins. Add in all the sauce ingredients, bring to boil then simmer to reduce. Check the taste and add sugar or salt to neutralize. Add corn starch water to thicken the sauce slightly.
6) Take out the tofu when is done steaming, remove cling film. Use a kitchen towel to absorb excess water in the plate.
7) slowly scoop the minced pork/mushroom mixture into the ring. When is full filled, slowly twist and remove the cutter ring out.
8) top up more minced pork/mushroom mixture and sauce as u prefered.
This dish can be served during CNY to wow ur family

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