Sambal eggs, petai n prawns by Lena Lai

Sambal recipe:
Boil n remove seed of 1 bowl of dried chillies.
Then add in 3 pips of garlic, 15 shallots (I dump one onion, lazy to cut n clean shallots), 1 tsp of belacan paste, lightly sautéed 3 tbsp of ikan bilis and 1 tbsp of dried shrimp.
Blend all till fine. Sauté the paste with oil till oil separate.
Add in slices onion, water n tamarind juice to your liking, salt n sugar.

You can add in petai n prawns when the onions is half cooked. Do not over cook petai n prawns.
You gotta fry the eggs till the skin blister. Then sambal can hug onto it.
Sambal you need to age it. Cook in the morning, eat for dinner.

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