Pig Stomach Soup (猪肚汤) by Gina Jiayi

Ingredients for Soup
- 2 Pig Stomach
- 500g Prime Rib
- 1 small can Button Mushroom (drained off the water)
- 1 can Fortune brand Pacific Clams
- 3L Water
- 1 handful Garlic (about 10 cloves)
- 2 Tablespoon White Pepper Corns
- 2 Tablespoon Black Pepper Corns

Steps for WASHING the Pig Stomach
- Trim away excess fats on the pig stomach
- Prepare 8 Calamansi, 200ml White Vinegar, 8 Teaspoon Table Salt
- Overturn the pig stomach inside out and rinse it
- Place it into a tub, add 2 teaspoonaa salt, add 2 Calamansi (half cut each) and squeeze it onto the pig stomach, add 50ml of white vinegar.
- Start kneading the pig stomach
- Discard the residues and rinse it under tap water until clear
- Repeat the steps 3 times

Steps for BLANCHING the Pig Stomach
- Blanch pig stomach for a couple of mins
- Place pig stomach under running tap water
- Scarp off using sharp knife of any excess white yellowish thing you see on it
- Now the pig stomach is clean

Steps for COOKING the Soup:
1) Crush White and Black Pepper Corns and put it into Pig Stomach equally.
2) Use skewer to seal the opening of the Pig Stomach
3) Put Pig Stomach, Garlic and Water into pot and bring to boil and simmer in low heat for 1 hour
4) Put in Prime Ribs (blanched & rinsed) and simmer for another 1 hour in low heat
5) Take out Pig Stomach and slice it
6) Discard pepper corns from the Pig Stomach
7) Take out Prime Ribs set aside
8) Sieve the soup
9) Mash the garlic from the sieve into the soup
10) Add in Pig Stomach, Prime Ribs, Button Mushrooms and Pacific Clams
11) Bring to boil and Salt to taste
12) Enjoy!

Serving suggestions
You may go with some red cut chilli padi and chopped garlic with black sauce.

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