Balachan Chilli by Jensie Tan

Balachan chili can use for frying thing n dry Mee Siam

1) 500g big chilli 10small chilli
2 )8 candle nut
3) 20 pieces shallot
4) 10 pieces garlic...
5) 2 big yellow onion (1 take 0ut for later use )
6 )2 tomato find the colour orange(1 take out the skin for later use )
7) 2tbs Balachan after toasted or fry
8) 3 tsp Brown sugar
9) 1 tsp coconut sugar
10) 2tsp salt 

 *Can add in dry prawn if you wan ( just fry the dry prawn take out add in when everything done )
I don put dry prawn so I can use for many thing .

Cut all the ingredient
fry with abit oil accept 7,8,9 until soft .
Blend all tgt until smooth , put into the wok add oil , n the one onion , tomato fry until brown add in 7,8,9 ,10 try if is salty n sweet than ok Liao .