Steamed lotus root with minced pork, mushrooms and wolfberries by Jason Tay

Lotus root, sliced and diced
Wolfberries, soaked (reserve soaking liquid)
Dried mushrooms, soaked and diced (reserve soaking liquid)
Minced pork, marinate with light soy sauce, cornflour, pepper and sesame oil


1. Mix marinated minced pork with diced mushrooms, half of soaked wolfberries and diced lotus root.

2. Assemble by placing mixture on top of sliced lotus root.

3. Steam for about 15 min.

Prepare sauce
1. Use the liquid collected in the steaming plate during steaming process, soaking liquid for mushrooms and wolfberries to prepare the sauce.
2. Add remaining wolfberries, light soy sauce, oyster sauce and sugar.
3. Boil to reduce and then thicken with corn starch.