Wagyu Beef at its Best at Home by Cassandra Chee

When GoFresh sent me this Wagyu beef for review, I was skeptical. I had never succeeded in cooking a perfectly done steak at home and they always turned out tough!

I did some googling and found that Wagyu beef does not requires searing to render its fats out of the steak. You want to use gentle heat to cook it so that its fats marbling retains in the steak for optimal flavour. Do check out this video for cooking tutorial.

So, I decided to try two methods of cooking this wagyu steak. One using a non-stick pan with gentle heat and another done on a cast iron grill pan with high heat.

I was told the marbling grade for this steak is 6/7. The cattles are fed 1 litre of wine a day for sixty days before production. The end product is a true delicacy. The meat has a sweeter flavour that lifts the quality even further. 

Using a non-stick pan and small fire, add 2 tbsp of oil and fry some garlic slices to flavour the oil. Set aside when they turned golden browned.

Season the wagyu beef with sea salt and freshly grounded black pepper.
Gently laid it on the non-stick pan.

Gently flipped your steak three to four times until your desired doneness.
You don't have to rest this steak so do serve it immediately.
It will toughen up when cooled.

For the first time, I made a perfect steak. It is juicy and melt in the mouth!
Serve with garlic and more sea salt on the side.

And here's another method using high heat to sear the wagyu steak.

Using a cast iron grill pan, heat it so hot that a droplet of water sizzles & evaporates in 1 second. And it is ready for searing your steak.

Season your wagyu steak with sea salt and freshly grounded black pepper on both sides.

Laid it onto your grill pan and immediately lower to small fire. Note that I did not use any oil. Mark your steak position visually at 10am. When the steak no longer sticks and can be lift up from the pan, turned it position at 2pm.

Flipped your wagyu steak to the other side and do the same for grill marks. Fry until your desired doneness. Serve immediately with some caramelised onions and greens.

The result is also a juicy and melt in the mouth steak done so perfectly!
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