'Lor' with pork belly, tau kee, tau pok & egg by Linda Lau

1) pork belly 400-500 gm
2) tau kee ( 2 pks, fr market, ready fried )
3) tau pok ( 10 pcs )
4) quail egg 1 box
5) garlic x1 clove or 7 pcs
6) sugar 1 tablespoon
7) chicken cube 1 pc
8) dark soya sauce

The quantity depend on your serving...

1) remove the skin of the garlic, use a knife to mesh it.
2) heat up the pot with oil & fried the garlic, add pork belly, fried for a while... Add water to cover the pork
3) add tau kee, if not enough water, add more...
4) add sugar, dark soya sauce & chicken cube
5) simmer on medium low heat for 1-11/2 hr
6) add the tau pok after 45 mins of cooking...it soften easily
7)add water if it is drying.
Cook till u think the gravy is enough...
Soya sauce also depend on how dark you want your lor...
As for the egg, prepare separately then put it in when the Lor is done

Can consume

I prefer darker in colour so I add quite alot
I do not put 5 spice powder but it taste good too...