Kaya using Slower Cooker by Jeslin Chua

1) 400 ml thick coconut cream (eg. Kara Brand)
2) 150ml fresh coconut milk (U can squeeze out from 1 coconut or buy from NTUC, those packet fresh milk from chilled food section)
3) 10 eggs, lightly beaten
4) 450g fine sugar
5) 10 pandan leaves, washed and tied into a knot

This will make about 900g of Kaya.

1) Mix 1-4 well. Try to dissolve as much sugar as possible, otherwise it will sink to the bottom and turn brown during cooking. Pour everything into slow cooker. Add pandan leaves. Set it to high and stir once when it starts to heat up. If didn't stir, the Kaya at the bottom will turn brown. Stir once or twice when it starts to bubble
2) After 2 - 2.5 hrs, you will get lumpy looking custard. Remove the pandan leaves.
3) If you have handheld blender, use it to smoothen out all the lumps. I don't have one so I scooped everything into my blender to blend it. Also can use wire sieve. Make sure you sterilise all your utensils beforehand.
4) Store the hot Kaya into hot sterilized bottles, close lids tight and invert bottles for 2 mins then put aside to cool.