Apple Pancake by Rontree Chan

Prepare a pancake batter by using premix or any recipe from web.
A) cut a slice of apple frm centre ard 4-5mm thick. Cut into 2 half moon shape. Remove seed.
B) lightly oil non stick pan a little butter on low heat. wipe off excess oil with kitchen towel.
C) Tap one side of the 2 apple slices with sugar. Place the 2 apples with sugar side facing dwn to the pan. Pour a line of batter between the 2 slices so tat they stick together. Heat for ard 2 mins.
D) scoop a ladle of batter pour dwn to the centre of apple, and let the batter spread itself evenly.
E) when there are holes or bubbling form from the pancake surface, flip it to heat the other side.
F) take out when the other side is done. Serve with anything u prefer.

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