Sambal Chilli Fishcake by Jeannie Lee

This is not too spicy and you just can't stop at one! Yummy with Prima Taste Sambal Chilli Sauce!

800gm Fish Paste
( bought from market)
1 Packet Prima Taste Sambal Chilli Sauce
4 pieces water chestnuts - chopped
1 stalk spring onion - cut finely
1 stalk parsley- cut finely
2 lime leaf - cut finely
1 piece chilli - cut finely
1 egg
1tsp sugar

1. In a clean bowl, add fish paste, Prima Taste Sambal Chilli Sauce, spring onions, parsley, water chestnuts, chilli and lime. leaf. Mix all together and lastly add in egg and and sugar. Mix well to form a smooth paste.
2. Use a clingwrap to wrap up the bowl, leave the paste in the fridge for about 4hours.
3. Remove from fridge.
4. Wet your palm hands, scooped out 2tbsp of the paste and roll into balls. Placed it into a clean plate, pressed it down slightly just like fishcake. Continue till the paste is used up.
5. Heat up a wok with boiling water, put the fishcake to steamed for 10mins on medium fire.
6. Remove the cooked fishcake from the plate, placed it on the kitchen towel and allow it to cool.
7. Heat up some oil, slowly pan fry the fishcake till both sides slightly brown and dish up immediately.
8. Garnish and serve