Black Pepper Butter Thyme Garden Medley Chicken by Angelin Goh

No fuss flavourful roasted black pepper chicken
With just a pack of Prima Taste Black Pepper Sauce.
Make it a hearty meal with spiced and moistful favourite garden medley assortments

1 pkt of Prima Taste Black Pepper Sauce
(mix with 1 and half Tbs of warm water to paste)
1 Kampong chicken
50 grm of butter slices(cold to ease stuffing) Sprigs of fresh thyme
Olive oil for frying
2 tsp of Cajun seasoning
1/3 tsp salt

Garden MedleyCorn corb
Sweet potato
1 onion slices
5 garlic cloves


Clean and wipe dry chicken.Slit on the skin part in top of breast part,parting skin and meat gently with a small knife. Stuff in cold butter with fresh thyme.

Rub Prima Taste Black Pepper Sauce evenly all around chicken. Run into the cavity as well.

Marinate for at least 2 hours.

Cut garden medley vegetables to small chunks.

Heat olive oil, fry onion slices and garlic cloves till fragrant. Add in garden medley to stirfry for 2 minutes
Add Cajun seasoning and salt for taste.

Stuff enough garden medley into cavity of chicken. Use skew to secure the opening.

Place chicken on top of the remaining garden medley.

Preheat oven ,lowest 2nd rack at 200c
Roast chicken for 15 min then lower temperature to 170 c to roast for 75 min more till chicken is cooked with juices runs clear when poke through.

While roasting do baste with cooking liquid a few times(3 times for me) to maintain moisture and enhance flavour.

Video recipe: