Laksa Fish Cake by Jeannie Lee

Singaporeans love spicy food. Using Dancing Chef Laksa paste, we can make Laksa fishcake that can go easily with many dishes, spicy like how we all like it, yum!

350gm Fish paste
1 tbsp Dancing Chef Laksa paste 
1 tbsp chopped laksa leaves
2 tsp corn flour

1. In a clean bowl, add in the fish paste with 1tbsp dancing chef laksa paste together with 2tsp corn flour. Mix all together into a thick paste.
2. Wet your both palm hands, scooped out 2tbsp of the paste and roll into balls, placed it onto a clean plate, pressed it down slightly, just like fishcake. Continue till the paste is used up.
3. Heat up a wok with boiing water, put the fishcake to steamed for 10mins on med fire.
4. Remove the cooked fishcake from the plate, placed it on kitchen towel and allow it to cool for 10 to 15mins.
5. Heat up some oil, slowly pan-fry the fish cake till both sides slightly brown and dish out immediately.
6. Garnish and serve hot.