Honey and Dashi Steamed Egg by Rontree Chan

Love the multi textures and honey fragrance. This can be served either hot or cold, super yummy.

Ingredient A (fillings)
~ 1/4 red capsicum cut into strips
~ 8 shiitake mushrooms thinly sliced
~ handful of pumpkin chunks
~ about 8 white shimeiji mushrooms cut 1/2

Ingredients B ( dashi stock)
~ 3/4 bowl warm water
~ 1 sachet of dashi powder
~ 1 tsp corn flour.

Ingredient C ( egg mixture)
~ 4 eggs
~ 2 egg whites
~ 4 Tbsp ingredient B
~ 2 Tbsp Huiji Honey
~ 1 tsp salt

Ingredient D ( top yolk layer)
~ 2 egg yolks
~ 2 Tbsp ingredient B

Prepare steam tray.
~ I used a mini loaf pan about 18cm length X 8cm width.
~ lay in a piece of aluminum foil, matte surface facing inward with 2 ends hanging out. ( for easy lifting out the egg after steaming)
~ lay another piece of foil in another direct.
~ apply thin layer of oil on the foil.

~ pour 1/2 of the egg mixture (C) into the pan and put in 1/2 of the filling (A). Steam for 4-5 mins.
~ pour in rest of the egg mixture (C) and remaining of the filling (A). Make sure the filling set in beneath the egg level. Steam for another 4-5 mins.
~ pour in the egg yolk mixture (D) slowly covering the entire top surface. Wrap and cover with cling film and steam for 10-12 mins till it is set.
~ let it cool awhile, and lift out the set egg custard carefully. Peel off the foils on all sides.
~ trim and cut into desire sizes to serve.