Thai Steamed Fish in Lime Sauce by Teresa Lim

1 whole sea bass or any white fish
1 stalk crushed lemongrass

1¼cup water/fish stock
7tbsp fish sauce
9tbsp lime juice
2tbsp palm sugar syrup
5 cloves garlic sliced
5 chilli padi chopped

Chopped parseley


- palm sugar syrup can be made by cooking ½ cup chopped palm sugar with 3tbsp of water until all the sugar is completely dissolved. Store leftovers in a sealed jar for future uses. You can also use 2tsp granulated sugar as a substitute

- get ready sauce and set aside

- put lemongrass into belly cavity of fish steam over high flame for about 8-10mins depending on how big your fish is. Check if fish is cooked. It should be flaky and able to come off the bone. If not then steam for about 1min more

- remove fish from steamer. There'll be some stock in the plate. Do not throw it away.

- pour the sauce on top and garnish with parseley and serve

Pls use lesser lime juice, fish sauce and chilli padi than recipe for a start. Adjust taste to your own liking.