Steamed Hokkien Glutinous Rice by Vanessa Tay


300g (2cups) Glutinous Rice - soak 1 hr, wash, rinse till clear water, set a side

200g Pork Belly - slice thinly
** marinate pork with ..
1tbsp light soy sauce
1tsp sesame oil
1tsp Sugar
1tsp Shaoxing Hua Tiao Wine
1tsp corn flour

10 pcs Dehydrated Mushrooms - soak till soften, slice thickly

30g Dried Shrimp - wash, soak 5mins with hot water, rinse, set aside

Handful Dried Scallops - wash, soak 5mins with hot water, rinse, set aside

* dried shrimp and scallops can be soak together

1 pc Lup Cheong - cut into small cubes

2 whole Shallots - minced
2 cloves Garlics - minced

1tsp Dark Soya Sauce * stir fry with the rice
1 pc Chicken cube dissolve in 250ml water, set aside
1tsp Raw Sugar - can add into chicken broth
White Ground Pepper


Heat the wok with oil.
Fry minced shallots and garlics till fragrant. Add in Pork belly, stir fry till opaque, add in dried shrimp and dried scallops, stir fry dried shrimp till fragrant. Add in lup cheong, brown it and force out the oil. Add in mushrooms, stir fry till all ingredients incorporate and aromatic.

Add drained glutinous rice to stir fry with the ingredients, add in 1tsp dark soya sauce and stir fry till all even.

Transfer all into steam dish. Add in Chicken Broth, Swirl round using a pair of chopsticks to ensure water even in the rice.

Steam on high heat for 30 mins.

When ready, remove from steamer, fluff/flake up the rice with a pair of chopstick. This is to ensure grainy texture of the rice.