Fischeon Siew Mai 烧卖 by Patricia BeBe


Minced meat - 300g
Fischeon original - 1/2 can
Wanton / dumpling skin - 1pkt


Oyster sauce - 2tbsp
Light soy - 1tsp
Sesame oil - 1tbsp
Pepper to taste


1) Cut a few thin slices of Fischeon, using a flower cutter to cut out a few pcs.
2) Diced up the remaining to mix well with minced meat & marinate w/ seasoning for 1/2hr.
3) Place minced meat mix into the centre of the wanton skin & wrap them up, pinching into shape. Place a slice of flower Fischeon on top, deco w/ slice chili padi ( optional ).
4) Steam Siew Mai in a hot steamer for 10 - 15mins depending on the siew mai size.