Steamed glutinous rice by Jumi Tan

Serve 6 person

Step 1: Wash 5 cups of glutinous rice in a big bowl. Soak them in dried mushroom water, dried shrimp water, dried scallop water, five spice powder and a knorr chicken cube. Water level just enough to cover the brim of the rice.

Step 2: De-bone 2 chicken thigh (remove chicken skin) and cut them into bite size chunk. Marinate with salt, sugar, pepper, sesame oil and chinese wine.

Step 3: Cut 8 soak dried mushroom into strips, rough chopped a handful of soak dried shrimp and a handful of soak dried scallop. Slice 4 chinese sausage thinly.

Step 4: Mix in everything in step 3 into step 1. Then divide them into two large shallow dish. Steam in high heat for 20mins.

Step 5: Once done, off fire. Get the two trays out. Usually the top layer of rice will be slightly dryer then the base. Dont worry. Fluff up your rice evenly. If U feel its a little dry still, add a wee bit of water to even things out. At this point of time do a taste test and see if U need to add a little more salt or pepper. Make sure your rice look moist and shiny.

Step 6: When U done it. Lay your marinated chicken thigh on top of the glutinous rice for both shallow dishes. Steam for 10 mins.

Step 7: Once done, off fire. Open the lid and sprinkle some chopped spring onion and chopped chilli. Enjoy.

Small tip: Soak your rice for 2. Also I prefer this double steaming way, I can ensure my rice is throughly cook and will turn out soft (not too hard or mushy), never failed me.