Thai tang hoon by Zann Teo

Tang hoon . I get from wet market please ask check if it will be qq don't get the soft kind
Prawn I use 1 kg more . Please add accordingly . Cut into bite size
Sotong . Please add accordingly
Red small chili cut
Big onion cut
Small tomatoes slice half
Spring onion cut small
Corriander cut small
Big thai lime green color . I use abt 6
Fish sauce
I actually modify and add pop corn chicken . Airfry it and cut into bite size

Boil the prawns and sotong . Put aside .
Boil tang hoon . Put aside . wash under water after boil till cook Drain dry . Once dry add boiled cook sotong n prawn .
Sauce : fish sauce , add drinking water , sugar , lime juice mix well . Add this sauce to the tang hoon and rest of the ingredients and mix well . Please taste accordingly . Enjoy .