Kueh Lapis by Brenda Khaw

500g Butter
15 Egg Yolk
8 Egg White
270g Sugar (separate into 2 portions, 135g each portion)
1 tsp Cream of tartar
100g Plain flour
2 tsp Rempah spice

Get ready a 8" square baking tin lined with baking paper.
Preheat oven at 170 degree C.
(1) Mixing bowl 1, beat egg yolk with 135g of sugar until white n thick.
(2) Mixing bowl 2, cream butter until light n creamy.
(3) In 3 batches, slowly beat in egg yolk mixture (1) into butter (2).
(4) Sift in plain flour,,rempah spice into (3) mix well with a spatula. Set aside
(5) Beat egg white, cream of tartar and 135g sugar in a clean mixing bowl to a firm peak.
(6) By using a whisk, gently FOLD egg white mixture (5) in 3 batches into the flour mixture (4) in one direction until well combine.
(7) Check OVEN to make sure is UPPER HEAT ONLY. Heat up baking tin in the oven for 30 sec, remove from oven, scoop in 3 tbsp of mixture into baking tin, spread even n return to oven bake for abt 10 to 15 mins or until golden brown, remove fr oven, check the surface, if there are bubbles on it, break the bubbles by using a tooth pick. Press cake firmly, scoop in 3 tbsp of mixture on top of it, spread even and return back to the over. Repeat same procedure until all mixture finish.
BE CAREFUL while baking the cake, the higher level it is, the baking time is shorter, so is better to stay beside the oven all the time to check prevent cake burn.