Homemade luncheon meat by Dazzling Alejo

350g mince meat (marinate with 3tbsp light soya sauce,3tbsp sugar, 5dashes ground white pepper)
Marinade for atleast 3-4hrs.

1 Egg lightly beaten
1 tbsp plainflour,2tbsp cornstarch(combined together)
3tsp salt
3tbsp fresmilk
Dash of pepper(added last part)

Take out the marinated meat from the fridge add salt and egg. Mixed well
Add flour mixture and alternate it with milk.
Mixed it thoroughly..(mixture should be sticky and glossy this time and you could smell the luncheon meat already)
Greased a rectangular tin scoop the meat mixture press it firmly cover with cling wrap tightly
Steamed over high heat for 25-30 mins
Let it cool before removing from the tin.

Ready for side dish or sandwich

*3portion for 2tins*
You can use any container you want but for me i prefer rectangular to tins coz it looks like real luncheon meat.