Butter Garlic Herbs Rice with Beer Batter Fish by Zann Teo

Butter Garlic Fried Rice

Cooked rice
Chopped garlic
Dash of salt
A small pinch of fresh rosemary 
Mixed herbs

Melt butter in small fire. While still melting add garlic. Fry till fragrant . Add herbs . Mix well . At this time it will give a very nice aroma of the butter n herbs . Add rice and stir well . Add pinch of salt for final taste .

Beer Batter Fish

375 ml tiger beer
1 egg lightly beaten
1 and 1/2 cups self raising flour . Or plain flour add baking powder .
In a bowl add flour and egg . Then slowly pour the beer in . Keep in refergertor for half hour before using .

For the fish .
I am using sutchi fillet from ntuc . Per pack is abt $3.75 . The packet indicated fish & Co .
Pat dry the fish after defrost before putting into the batter .

Enjoy !!!