Beer Battered Fish by Amelia Renee Lim

1 can of beer (must be cold)
1.5 cup plain flour
2tsp baking powder
2tbs corn flour
1/2 tsp salt
Mix above to a thick runny battered
Up to u if u wan very thick, jus pour the beer slowly.. To ur preferred consistency..

For fish, u can choose cod, haddock or dory.. Outside mostly used dory cos cheap so at home u can indulge abit la.. Cod is good choice..
Marinate with garlic salt & pepper.. Abit of paprika u if like..

Oil for deep fry..
Coat fish with the battered & fry it till crisp & golden yellow.. Done
Eat with truffle oil tata sauce & squeeze a lemon slice on the fish..Yummy..

Eh this one I also anyhow one ok.. He also like cos not thick like outside eat few mouth jalak Liao.. End up eat the fish but not the crust.