Mei chai minced pork patties by Rontree Chan


~ 2-3 small bunches of preserved mei chai ( I bought the sweet type) washed, rinsed and soaked in water for 20mins. Then squeeze dry and Finely dice it.
~ 200g minced pork
~ 4 Chinese mushroom finely diced.
~ 3 Tbsp of chopped spring onion
~ 2 Tbsp of chopped carrot.


~ 1 Tbsp of oyster sauce
~ 1 Tbsp of light soy sauce
~ 3 tsp sugar
~ 3 tsp of corn flour.
~ some soaked mushroom water.


Mix well all the ingredients with the marinates till sticky.
Scoop the small portion and pan fry it to test its taste. ( cuz some of the mei cai is very salty) after tat adjust the taste if necessary.
Keep in fridge for 1 hr or more to firm it b4 shaping and pan fry.