Fried Tom Yum Bee Hoon by Flora Ng S W


(1 pax portion, for more people, adjust to your preference)
1/4 pkt of Chilli Brand Bee Hoon (soaked)
1/2 pc Fish Cake (sliced)
2small pcs of Chicken Breast (sliced)
4pcs Prawns (de-shell)
1 Egg
1 pkt of Tom Yum.Paste (adjust to your preference if u prefer less spicy)
Minced Garlic


Season sliced chicken breast with light soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper n corn flour. Set aside.

Beat n fried egg n cut into small pcs n set aside.

Heat oil in wok n add mince garlic, fry till frangrant.

Add fish cake, chicken breast n prawn n fry till 3/4 cooked.

Add some water (est), when water boils, add bee hoon into stir fry n mix well.

Then add in eggs n Tom Yum paste (photo in comments) n mix well till beehoon is cooked n is almost dry (not too dry).

Ready to serve. Enjoy.