Oat and raisin cookies by Zann Teo

250 gram butter
170 gram brown sugar
55 gram fine sugar
1 large egg
225 gram rolled oats
250 gram plain flour sifted
160 gram raisin
1 tsp cinnamon
Half teaspoon baking soda sifted
60 ml water

Mix butter and sugar in a mixer till fluffy .
Add in eggs . Beat well .
Fold in all the rest of the ingredients.
Place the dough in the refergertor for abt 15 mins before baking .
So it will be easier to handle .

After each bake I placed the dough in the refergertor before each bake .

Bake for abt 15 to 20 mins at 160 degrees. Depending on yr oven .
Till brown.
Let it cool over rack . It will be soft after bake . Will be crispy after cool .