Chocolate Savarin Cake by Kelly Ko

100g egg whites
45g caster sugar
15g golden syrup
25g cake flour
110g almond flour/ extra fine blanched almond
60g browned butter
50g mini choc chips or rice
50g chocolate ganache

Note: Like most French cakes, batter must rest for 1-2 days in fridge and return to room temperature before baking. Recipe makes only 5 for my mould of 7cm x 3 cm holes. Can also use muffin pans,

1) Heat butter in a thick bottom pot on medium, when sizzle turn to low fire and heat until brown specks appear on side of bottom of pot, off fire and cool down to get browned butter. Heat about 70g as part will evaporate and part will become foamy. We only use the clear browned butter.
2) Beat whites and caster sugar to soft peaks, add in golden syrup just before reaching the peak and beat for a few seconds more to incorporate fully.
3) Sift cake flour and almond flour. Fold in the meringue in one thirds until just mixed. Scoop some of the mixture to mix well with cool browned butter, before pouring back to bowl and fold everything together. Add in chocolate chips.
4) After rested in fridge, bake in 180 °C preheated oven for 20min. If using silicone mould, bake 10 degrees higher.