Monkey Head Mushrooms in Hawthorn Sauce by Michelle Heng


200g monkey head mushrooms
5 slices ginger
2 tbsp self raising flour
Oil (deep frying)


50g hawthorn flake snack
1/2 tbsp vinegar
100 ml water


1. Soak monkey head mushrooms overnight, rinse twice and squeeze dry.
2. Blanch the mushrooms in a pot of boiling water with the ginger slices. Drain and when cooled, squeeze dry again.
3. Blend the hawthorn flake snack in 100ml water and set aside.
4. Dredge the mushrooms with self raising flour just before deep frying till golden brown.
5. Add 1/2 tbsp of oil in a skillet on high heat, pour in the sauce and bring to a boil. Add vinegar then lower the heat to thicken the sauce, stir constantly.
6. Turn off the heat once sauce is thickened and coat the mushrooms.
7. Bon appetit!


1. Can use the same sauce to coat fried pork/chicken or fish dishes too. Happy experimenting!