Hokkien Mee by Doreen Low Shi Yin

- hokkien flat noodles
- Xiao bai cai
- fish balls
- prawns
- lean pork meat
- garlic
- cornflour
- dark soy sauce
- oyster sauce

- marinate the meat with corn flour, soy sauce, oyster sauce & sugar
- before cooking, blanch the noodles in boiling water to rid the oil
- heat the wok & stir fry garlic
- once heated up, pour some water in it then add in the meat, veg & noodles
- simmer then add in the fishballs & prawns
- add in the dark soy sauce ( I added 2 tablespoons) depending on individual taste
- put in some cornstarch solution to thicken
- add some pepper n is ready to serve! ☺

P/s: u can substitute the ingredients depending on your liking!