Egg and cheese quesadilla by Colene Koh

Made egg and cheese quesadilla for the kids breakfast this morning. Crispy on the outside, yummy and cheesy on the inside. Used good quality gouda and cheddar cheese for ultimate burst of flavour!!

Ok here is a step by step breakdown:

1. Scramble eggs, set aside.
2. grate cheese, set aside.
3. Put scrambled eggs and cheese between 2 pieces of tortilla wraps.
4. Pan fry it gently over low heat to melt the cheese and brown the tortilla.

While frying, press the quesadilla with ur spatula for an even browning. Some oil from the cheese will leak out, which will help with the browning. So i didnt even add oil! So yums...

Go make some!! You can find all the ingredients in the supermarket!