Fish cake by Leo Mee Moi‎

Fish paste
Kaffir leave
Long bean
Red carrot
Some lard
Rice flour
Corn flour
Fish sauce

Place fish paste in a big bowl
Grate or slice carrot into thin thin short pieces
Roughly chopped e prawns
Cut kafir leaves into thin small pcs
Cut long bean into bout 1/2 cm thick
Cut n chop lard into tiny pieces
Add all the cut items into fish paste
Add sugar, pepper, fish sauce and stir well.
Add rice flour n corn flour. Stir till well combined.
Before frying get a bowl of salt water. Wet ur palms. Scoop a spoonful of e mixed paste into ur palm n shape it.
Fry in shallow oil. That's all! Happy trying!

**i use ready bought fish paste from yong taufu seller so it's already quite salty,so becareful of e fish sauce amount u adding,sugar is to neutralize this lor😅
**Can omit e lard la😅
**i sometimes omit kafir leave n substitute with Chinese parsley (stem more)