Assorted Bread Buns by Connie Tan

40g egg ]
+105g water. ]165g
+3tspn condensed milk ]
1/4 small tsp salt
20-25g sugar
20g salted butter
220g bread flour
30g all-purpose flour
3g yeast

Some bal egg +1tsp water for egg wash

Mini cheese hotdogs, cheddar pcs, azuki (jap red beans) filling (i homemade earlier)

1. Measure n pour the ingredients into the bread pan in the above sequence.
2. Set the breadmaker to function C09(as in mayer breadmaker) to ferment dough immediately.
3. The machine stops in one hr.
4. Remove the dough onto a floured surface (i use a silicone baking mat)
5. Punch down the dough a few rounds, stretch n handknead.
6. Measure n cut each dough abt 30g. U should be able to achieve 15-16pcs mini dough.
7. Shape in any pattern of your preferrence n insert filling. For filling of red beans, i measure 20g.
8. After shaping, tuck it round n pat a bit flour n lay on greased n lined long tray. Do spread out more space.
9. I use another long tray, invert n cover on top. Leave it in baking oven with a cup/bowl of hot water at bottom of oven. I proof this round for abt one hr or till double in size.
10. Remove tray n cup of water n preheat oven to 200°c.
11. Egg wash the top of buns bef popping into oven. Bake for abt 12mins or till top golden brown.

Enjoy your freshly made buns!!

I hv tweaked my own bread recipe (previously made dough with kenwood cake mixer) slightly to modify n fit into this mayer breadmaker capacity. Pls do adjust if your bread maker is a diff model.