Apples and Raisins Muffins by Connie Tan

Make 15-16 pcs

300g self-raising flour
220g brown sugar
120g corn oil
120g milk
3 eggs
150ml/1 tub low-fat yoghurt
1 tsp vanilla paste/essence(optional)
2 medium apples(peel n dice)
A handful of raisins

1. Whisk the eggs n sugar till batter even n slightly thick.
2. Slow speed, add wet ingredients yoghurt, milk, ve, then oil and combine well.
3. Then add sifted flour or u may fold in by spatula. Do not overbeat or overfold.
4. Coat apples with some flour and shake off excess flour. A quick rinse for raisins n pat dry.
5. Add both ingredients to batter. Roughly stir even.
6. Scoop with an ice-cream tong, into muffins trays with liners.
7. Bake in a preheated oven of 180°c for 25mins or top golden brown.
8. Test for doneness with a skewer.