Thai Style Steam Fish 泰式蒸鱼 by Patricia Bakersiao‎

1) 1 Fish (I used Seabass) cut few slices on the fish.
2) chopped parsley n slices lime for garnish

Sauce for the Fish 1) 3 tbsp Fish sauce (鱼露)
2) 3 tbsp Garlics (finely chopped)
3) 4 tbsp Lime Juice (青柠檬)
4) 2 tbsp Sugar
5) 1 tbsp Chilli (cut into pcs. If u like spicy. Can add more chilli)
(Mixed well n set aside)

1) place the Fish on a plate. Top with few slices of ginger. Sprinkle a bit of Salt n Hua Tiao Chiew just before Steaming.
2) When water boiling, place in the Fish n steam for 10 mins. When Done, remove the fish from steamer. discard the gingers n water.
3) Pour the sauce over the Fish n garnish with parsley n lime. Serve.