Honeycomb cake by Karen Leong

120g sugar
150ml hot water
60g butter
140g condensed milk
90gm plain flour + 1/2tsp each of baking powder & baking soda (i change to 90gm plain flour + 1/2 tsp clabber girl double action baking powder).
4 eggs.


Melt sugar then slowly pour hot water til dissolved in pot (Will get the dark brown color once this caramelized) Else like mine, melt sugar and water to get clear syrup. Mix in milk and butter. Fold in flour. Lastly crack in egg one at a time to batter. Mix well and batter is slightly thick like condensed milk. Pour into rice cooker and press cook. (my rice cooker is normal simple function type so I waited 5min after the first time it cooked to press a second time).