Pen Cai by Zann Teo

Stock base :
Chicken breast
Ikan bilis
Yellow beans
Boiled for few hrs .
Discard the ingredients .

Add dried oyster , dried mushroom to cook this ingredients till soft . Take this out leave aside for arrangement .

Now, we can add seasoning to the soup base add the canned abalone water to the base too . Salt n pepper to taste thicken slightly with potato starch .
Transfer this base to your preferred pot. Add all the ingredients on top .

Rest of the ingredients need to boiled .
Quail egg
Leave aside .
Fry yam . Leave aside to arrange
Roast pork belly ,buy from stall
Roast chicken , buy from stall

I am using a steamboat pot . After arrange all the ingredients, bring to boil.
Serve and enjoy!