Coffee Beans biscuit by Fc Ng

A: 45g soften butter, 40g icing sugar.

B: 20g eggs, 10g milk (I used cream),1/4tsp vanilla extract.

C: 15g cocoa powder, 3g Instant coffee, 15g 3in1 coffee(bout 1 pck)

D: 100g cake flour(sifted)

Cream (A) till pale (not need fluffy stage), add in (B) slowly & mix well.
Add in (C) & mix well, fold in (D) to form the dough for 20min.
Make into 3g ball and make a slit in the middle to resemble coffee bean shape.
Bake in preheated oven 170ÂșC for bout 20min. Cool on sheet for few min then transfer to cooling rack to cool completely. . Enjoy !

(Recipe shared by MeiLing)
Pls adjust temp according to yr oven characteristic.
Above mentioned recipe yield small portion, I doubled the recipe & made bout 1 full medium size container.

*I added 1/4tsp coffee emulco ( optional ).