Dumpling 饺子 by Vanessa Tay

1 kg Minced Pork / 五花肉 - minced once
5 tsp sugar / 糖
Melt sugar with 50ml hot water, set a side let it cool
1 tsp Salt / 盐
1 tsp Chicken Powder / 鸡精粉
2 tsp Pepper / 胡椒粉
6 tsp Light Soy Sauce / 酱青
6 tsp Shaoxing Hua Tiao Chew / 花雕酒
1 tbsp grated fresh ginger / 姜末
3 tsp Sesame Oil / 麻油Q
250ml Chicken Stock / 鸡高汤
(ready fr pack - Swanson)

1 Large Cabbage "wong bok"In a large bowl, combine the chopped cabbage with 1⃣ TSP of salt. Mix well and set aside for 20 minutes. This process will leave the cabbage to wilt, making it easier to mix later on.

Spring onionCut into tiny piece

NoteFilling (pork) can marinate 1-2 days in advance.
Cabbage n Spring Onion can only be added in on the day of wrapping.

Proportion of the spicy sauce mix
2 Tbsp Chilli oil
* I used 老干妈 brand w black bean
3 Tbsp light soya sauce (头抽)
1 Tbsp vinegar
* I used taiwan brand
1 tsp Caster sugar
1-2 drop Sesame oil