Detox Water by Joise Yap

Cut fruits that you like.
Put all fruit in 2 liter bottle , use big spoon to press down. Put ice and follow by 700ml - 1 liter water .
Close tight and put in fridge for overnight.
Need to soak at least 6-8 hours

For those who wan natural sliming can just prepared these water. But be prepared, after finish you will need to go toilet.

Benefit of detox water :
Increase you immune system
Prevent constipation
Help for slimming
Balance ph & sugar level
Whitening skin as well.

Fruits choice :
Lemon, lime, ginger, mints, orange, cucumber,
Strawberry, grapes, Apple

As no hot water involve, so in plastic container is alright.
I had drink it for a week. And can go toilet very 'smooth'.