Braised Wings with Shiitaka Mushrooms and Eggs by Mabel Tan

1kg wings
1 chicken cube
2 tbsp sesame oil
3 tbsp oyster sauce
2 dash pepper
2 cups shao xing jiu (wine - optional)
4 tbsp dark sauce
4 tbsp dark sweet sauce
5 cups water (cook rice cups)
4 minced garlics
2 big sliced onions.
8 hard boiled eggs
10 shiitake mushrooms
5 Holland potatoes (softer)

Stir fry garlic, onions and mushrooms 1st.
Put in the potatoes and wings and all the sesaoning.
Simmer on high fire for 20 minutes and low fire for 20 minutes until the potatoes turn soft. Then add in the eggs last for another 10 minutes.

I marinate the wings with 3 tbsp soya sauce and 2 tsp sesame oil for 1 hr 1st.