Wholewheat walnut bread by Sirlina Lee

Milk 222g
Sugar 43g
Salt 4g

Butter 33g
Bread flour 300g
Wholemeal flour. 30g
Yeast 4g

Walnut 60g

1) Pour the milk, sugar, salt, flour & yeast into a big bowl & mix slowly for 2 minutes. Then mix in high speed( max at speed no. 2 or 3) for 8 minutes .

2) Slowly mix the butter in low speed for 5 minutes then
 follow by walnut slow speed for 5mins  then high speed for about 20mins. Rest the dough in a bigger bowl for about 45 mintues with plastic wrap cover the bowl.

3)Pump the air out from the dough. Place it on a 20 by 12cm baking tin, spread & mould evenly.

4) put aside for 2nd proofing for abt 50-60 mins. Preheat oven at 180*C .Egg wash the surface lightly.

5)bake at 170*C for about 35-40minutes.

*For breadmaker will be sweet bread mode with medium crust.