Wholemeal & Multigrain Almond Milk Bread by Meng-Choo Tan

Wholemeal & Multigrain Almond Milk Bread using liquid sponge preferment.

Put the following ingredients in the order and mix them well. Leave them in a warm environment for 1-4hr or up to 48hr in a fridge. You should see plenty of activity on the starter. It double in size and plenty of holes.

Sponge Preferment:
Almond Milk 240 gm
Instant Yeast 3gm
Wholemeal flour 140gm

When the starter is ready for use, add the rest of the dry ingredients together except salt. Gradually add salt while kneading the dough. Add butter and knead it in when dough is formed.

Main Dough:
Honey 60gm
Bread Flour 220gm
Instant Yeast 3gm
Butter 21gm
Salt 7gm

Multigrain 20gm
Baby Oats 10gm

Proof until double in size then "punch" it in but in my case I fold it in.
Fold & Shape into a loaf. Tuck in the edges and tighten the dough.
Proof until double in size.

 Baking time for the loaf @:
1. 200 degC for first ~30 mins with fan mode on and spritz about every 8 mins
2. Remove loaf and place on baking stone
3. 180 degC for the remaining ~10 mins with fan mode on

This recipe yields about 700gm of dough.