Teochew Half-Fried CookThreadfin ~ 潮式半煎煮午鱼 by Irynne Ng

 It's a dish my grandma and mum always cook

Here's the recipe:
Fish fillet or whole fish
Ginger, coarsely cut and fried till brown and fragrant
Red Chilli, julienned
Spring onion, cut into 1.5" section
Fermented soy bean, to taste
Sesame oil, half tsp
Water, 3/4 cup

Pan fried fish, skin side down, till skin turns brown but fish is half cooked.
Add water, fermented soy bean and sesame oil.

Allow the water to simmer. Add chilli and spring onions.

Dish out once fish is cooked and pour the gravy over.

Garnish with fried ginger.

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