Soh ta pia (苏打饼) / Sugar Soda Biscuits by Clarine Lin



Warm Water 140g
All Purpose Flour 300g
Baking Soda 3g
Yeast powder 8g
unsalted Butter 60g
some melted salted butter

1. you may mix all the ingredient except butter together by hand or Machine(BM).
2. while mixing add in the butter. once it become dough form after 6 to 8 min, stop the machine and take it out and knead for a few time.
3. put in in a bowl n use cling wrap and wrap it up. let it proof for 20min.
4. preheat oven at 170c, using rolling pin, roll the dough as thin as possible. cut it into 4cm by 4cm(bite size). transfer onto the pan lined with baking sheet. use fork and poke few hole onto it.
5. brush with butter and sprinkle sugar on it. bake for 5 to 10min or until brown on edge.