'Peng Cai' by Tan Soh Siang

I based on agaration and uses similar ingredients when I do braised pork. Except this one more troublesome as I want to present it like Peng Cai.

Here is the ingredients I used after digging my fridge;

Dried Mushroom pre soak
Pork ribs
Chicken thigh or mid joint wing
Sea cucumber
Fish maw pre soak
猪脚劲 pre soak (sorry dun know the spelling)
Chicken feet
Bai cai
Dried scallop soak and keep the water
All above cut to desire size

Dark sauce
Light sauce
Hua tiao wine

Boil mushrooms with water and above seasoning for about 1 hour in slow fire.
During then prepare a claypot and put a few slices of ginger at the base of the claypot. Lay the Bai Cai on top of the ginger, and set the claypot aside for later use.
Add the pork ribs to the mushrooms and boil for 15 mins.
Remove the ribs and add chicken feet. Boil for 15 mins too.
Remove the chicken feet and add the chicken thigh. Approximate 10 mins depend on the size you cut.
Next add sea cucumber and slow boil about 15 mins too.
Remove sea cucumber and add fish maw and Zu Jiao Jing and boil about 10 mins.

Now is to lay the ingredients onto the claypot prepared earlier.
Arrange them according to the order for the most difficult to get them cook and soften at the very bottom.
This is my order, mushrooms, chicken feet, sea cucumber, pork ribs, fish maw and Zu Jiao Jing and top with chicken thigh. Lay the pre soak scallop at last.
Stir in scallop water with starch to thicken the gravy.
Slowly pour in the gravy to the claypot. Make sure gravy gets to the bottom of the pot or else it will break.
Simmer at low fire for about 1 hour for the ingredients to get thoroughly cook and soft. Avoid stiring claypot so your presentation still looks good during serving.
Serve hot with rice.