Non-baked cheese cake by May Chong

Photo credit: May's Kitchen Cottage

A) Bottom of the cake
Material: Oreo or digestion biscuit 80g, unsalted butter 35g, 6 inch model
1) Crushed and dissolved the biscuit and mix well with butter.
2) Pressed into the bottom of the model, refrigerator for 30 minutes.

B) Mousse layer 2
Cream Cheese 150g, whipping Cream 120g, caster sugar 35g, gelatine powder 7G, 35g water, 2 teaspoons lemon juice.

1)Mix gelatin powder into the water and then insulated heat up dissolve and set aside.
2) Softed Cream Cheese at room temperature, beaten with electric mixer until smooth and then add sugar evenly (in three times). Then add lemon juice and mix, and set aside.
3) Beat Whipping cream just like yogurt creamy.
4)Creamy Whipping cream add into cream cheese and mix, then add gelatine powder (step 1) quickly and mix well.
5) Pour batter into mold and paste evenly, tap twice and refrigerator cold for 3 hours.

C) Upper Jelly
80g fruit juice, gelatin powder 6g, sugar 10g
1)Fruit juice add in gelatine and sugar, insulated heat up to dissolve and cool down.
2) Pour it on top of the cake, refridgerator 2-3 hours or overnight.
3) Remove the mold and serve it.