Hokkien mee by Agnes Yue

1 carrot cut into matchstick size
1 pkt of chai xin
1 egg
1 pkt of minced chicken meat (seasoned with fish sauce for 10min)
2 cloves garlic (cut into small pc)
1 pc fish cake (cut to slices)
Hokkien mee
Premium dark soya sauce
Mushroom oyster sauce
Fish sauce
200ml of water with 1 tbsp of fish sauce n 1 tbsp of corn flour

Drizzle oil on pan, saute garlic
Add minced chicken n stir fry til cooked, set aside in the pan. Add fish cake n carrot.
Add 200ml of water with fish sauce n 1 tbsp of corn flour.
Add mushroom oyster sauce and premium dark soya sauce sauce (put according to on ur taste)
Mix and it will bcum gravy sauce ... if u wan more sticky kind...(put water with corn flour) Add egg into the sauce n stir...
Add chai xin n hokkien mee.
Boil til noodle is cooked n serve.

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