Chicken Mushroom Rice by Jane Lee

Part 1
I season the chicken with sesame seed oil / dark soya sauce // ginger juice and corn flour.
* You can marinate over night or min 30min & above

Part 2
Cook your rice in rice cooker - To add in few of whole garlic // few pieces of pandan leaves and let them cook. If cooking chicken rice in the pot, you will need to lessen the water by 50ml (estimated, as im cooking for 2 person portion)

Part 3
Heat up the pan with some oil. Add in sliced ginger and stir fry till aroma and add min Part 1 and button mushrooms stir fry them and sauteed them with medium to high heat. Once all well combined you add in one cup of chicken broth. If you dont have you may just add water and allow them to simmer till the sauce is thicken. Once this is done, pour into the rice cooker and mixed them together till combined. You let the rice cooker to do the job to cook it.

Done! Enjoy!

*Note: if you are not using salt, please add some seasoning at your preferred taste.