Bread pudding by Rontree Chan

 Recipe :
~ Some stale breads or brioches cut into chunky cubes, lightly buttered and bake in oven 180dc for 15mins. ( I using a 8"x3.5" cake tin.
~ In a pot, simmer around 200ml of whipping cream + 400ml of milk.
~ add in 1/2 tsp of vanilla essence or extract ( I used vanilla pod).
~ beats 3 eggs + 4 Tbsp sugar in another bowl. Whisk till combined.
~ pour little milk mixture into egg to temper the egg. Whisk and stir at the same time. Mixing milk and egg mixture together. Or u can wait for milk to cool down then mix into the egg mixture.
~ lay baking paper in the cake tin.
~ Pack in the bread cubes. Pour in the egg milk mixture after every layer of bread packed in.
~ When it is full packed with bread and egg milk mixture, using Palm to press it down, to compact it. Let the bread soak for 1 hour.
~ bake in preheat oven 180dc for around 25mins.
~ let it cool for ard 10mins b4 cutting.
~ dust with icing and serve with anglaise or vanilla ice cream.