White glutinous rice by Tan Connie

500-600g white glutinous rice (rinsed & soaked overnite)
Chinese mushrooms(soaked n sliced)
Dried shrimps (soaked n chopped roughly)
Small peanuts

Fish sauce
White pepper
Chicken cube

1. Boil a pot of water to cook the peanuts.
2. Test the peanut. The texture has to be firm yet bite thru. Sieve n drain n put aside.
3. Heat the wok with oil. Fry the sliced shallots till fragrant. Add the dried shrimps then the mushrooms. Add pepper n fish sauce. Go easy on sauce as there's dried shrimps.
4. Add the drained rice n fry together. Add the chicken cubes by smashing n sprinkle all over.
5. Stir fry till all even, add the peanuts n combine.
6. Transfer to a tray n level it. You may keep some in another tray n clingwrap for next day steaming. (Do not add water yet for tis tray)
7. Add water just enough to cover rice level. Swirl round the tray to ensure water even in the rice.
8. Steam in high heat for 30-35mins, or until u do not see white bits of rice.
9. When ready, remove from steamer n flake up the rice in the tray with a fork. This is to ensure grainy texture of the rice.
10. Garnish n serve.

Note: Do estimate on the seasoning accordingly.


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