Rolled Oats biscuits by Jane Lee

 1. Soft Unsalted Butter = 2 stick (200grams)
2. Flour = 8 tablespoons
3. Corn starch = 2 tablespoon
4. Salt = 2/4 teaspoon (if use salted butter, u can omit this)
5. Dark Brown sugar = 10tablespoon(Original is 12 tbsp).
6. Chai seed 1/4 cup
7. Rolled oats = 3 cups
8. Vanilla essence = 2 teaspoon

1. Must mix d butter well, fridge over night or couple of hours. Do not over mix. Jus make sure all are coated like in picture.
2. If the dough turns wet or very soft, please fridge it again. If don't want, u can keep d balance dough in d fridge for next round to bake. The dough can be stored up to 2 to 3 weeks
3. Temperature is based on my oven so please adjust accordingly to your oven temperature.
4. 180deg with preheat and baked for 10 to 12min or till brown. Remove from oven and cool off to transfer to container.
5. If don't have dark brown sugar can use normal. White sugar. Prefer brown Cos more Healthy.
6. When u knead to balls, kindly make sure is compact or tight and use fork to press down to any shape.
7. Chia seeds is optional. U can replace with any seeds like flax seeds.

It's crunchy time! Happy weekend to all. Cheers

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